Sorry for my poor English, this site has been translated mechanically from the Japanese site.

This page is being made.(On April 28, 2000)

The Japanese ZAURUS was sold in October of 1993.

There is a PI series and MI series in the ZAURUS.

The PI series is the old model. MI series is the present model.

New model  MI-C1 "Power Zaurus"


My name is Yoshinori Togashi. togashi.gif (1258 バイト)A handle name is "maruto".

In Web introduction of Zaurus, option information and software information , news and event information.

There is also a BBS for information exchange of the ZAURUS.

Zaurus's BBS:

Here the active information exchange by the ZAURUS user.

There is issue of the mail magazine in one of my activity. That is ZAUMAGA.

Zaurus's up-to-date information is transmited on occasion with the mail.

The Zaurus has occupied 60% of Japanese PDA shares. From October of 1993 2,000,000 units it was sold between to January of 2000.

But, also Palm there is popularity, last year 100,000 units or more sells in 1 year.

The Zaurus in Japan Use the PIM is main, but as the mail terminal it is used.



Schedule 17.3
Address 10.8
Mail 10.7
Dictionary 7.4
Action List(ToDo) 5.5
Spread Sheet 5.1
Report 4.6
Ink Word 4.3
Data Base 3.3